Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am not like you

Most American's confuse me. The liberals are for gun control, are they really liberal? The conservatives are against conservation? Television, Movies, and Radio have been a great tool to dumb down the entire population into turning off their brains. They don't think past the end of thier favorite talk show host. They get their news from the same source, and believe the worst in everyone who does not agree with them.

Never has the people of the United States been more split in opinion than now. 9-11 Unified us for a moment, but then the continuing Iraq war has devided us more than ever. It is interesting that a majority of Democrats voted to go take out Iraq, but then changed their minds after a while. It is interesting that a majority of Republicans criticized the Bosnian war, but now support the Iraq war. As if it is not the principle of the thing rather than who the boss is that makes the difference. The two parties do not care, really, about their own principles. When I say care, I mean put their money where their mouth is.

I have never liked the fact that the government owns me economically. That it was a matter of law for me to report every nickel that I make to a government agency called the IRS. But as an American, I feel the duty to pay taxes. After all I am represented, right? I am amazed that my citizen representatives actually allowed or made this happen! I have been interested in monitary policy and how it came to be ever since I first realized that I had to file my tax return in detail and sign it, or face criminal charges.
I have a prospective that is unique, a background that is one in a hundred million, and a desire to share.

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