Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Advice for Ron Paul

I would love to be Ron Paul’s PR director. I could help him get his awesome message out without looking so fringe. After watching the debate on Sunday, I couldn’t help noticing that he did not seem clear or concise, and was trying to get a lot of words into a short answer. (a.k.a. “rambling”) (Of course that did not keep me from voting for him via text message.) I also couldn’t help noticing how much more relaxed and clear the other candidates were, even though they obviously were talking on issues that to most Americans seem pointless, or frightening. After the debate, Ron Paul was much more relaxed and clear when he was being interviewed by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. That was great, but I wish he would have done that during the debate. I am positively convinced that his success is shocking even to himself and he really does not know how to make the next step and turn the anti-terrorist crowd to the anti-war side; even though I know it is possible. So here is my advice for Dr Ron Paul:

1- Stop worrying about your message more than your temperament. You ARE top tier, and in this day and age of “image is everything” you need to be more confident, when someone says insulting things or says something that is really horrible, be calm and stern rather than angry and excited. Ignore the bell more.

2- Disarm the critics, laugh at their stupid insinuations and smear tactics, but still take them down quickly. You could make your point better by answering the question with the one they should have asked. EVEN IN THE DEBATES

3- Reason with the war crowd, for they have been taught that we would be cowards if we saved more troops from getting killed. They believe that. Get specific about the DIFFERENCE between ending terrorism and the war on terror. Tell the people that the terrorists WILL win if we let 9/11 take away our freedoms, privacy or sovereignty.

4- Proclaim that you are for a STRONG national defense every chance you get, and that you advocate a better foreign policy that will make us safer, NOT WEAKER. Specify that you would like to build up the bases here at home, that you want to push missile defense, and better treatment of our veterans etc.

5- Use personal stories in the debates; they take away antagonism from disagreement. Babies and hero’s come to mind.

6- Realize that even though you are brilliant, and your policies would be awesome in making our Country the envy of the world again and accomplishing exactly what those who attack you want. You MUST BACK OFF the FBI, the CIA, and the Federal Reserve in your speech. In this I mean call it “reforming” rather than “abolishing”. Everyone knows that we need intelligence, investigation, and monetary policy at the Federal level, even though they have done some bad things.

7- Bring up intelligent truth’s that people like me didn’t realize. Such as Letters of Marqe and Reprisal, the 1998 Iraqi liberation act, the Declaration of War that you proposed that was voted down, and other things people are amazed enough to actually think about.

I want Ron Paul to win, it would be the best thing this country did for itself in a long, long time. But I want everyone to realize that he is one candidate among four, and if you take all three of the others and make them into one, he will lose in the primary and Hilbillery will win in the General. He is the only hope we have. No pressure man.

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