Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ron Paul Party


1- Reform the Banking System, and put value back into money
The Federal Reserve System creates money backed by storage of debt. Banks multiply this money by monetizing other debt on top of this. Interest is added and there is not enough money in circulation to cover it, and there never will be as long as it continues. Inflation comes from fractional reserve banking and that needs to be completely eliminated. Gold, silver, and any storable commodity such as oil, steel, or even farm products and real estate can be monetized by government storing them, all based on their value in gold. Let money enter the marketplace in several sectors, through the several Departments of the government, not just banking through credit. The Federal Reserve needs to be a Department of government, and interest generated by loaning money to banks should become property of the United States Treasury. A branch of the Federal Reserve Bank should be in each state.

2- Abolish the personal income tax
This tax was originally a tax on interest income, dividends, and foreign earned income. It has grown to be the tool used to enslave the American People. There should be no tax on wages. Corporate Income Tax and General Tariffs would easily make up the difference.

3- Reform the Election Process
Term limits on congressional and Senate seats should become law by amending the constitution. Our elected officials pander to the media and special interests because of their desire to be re-elected. The election process is more often dictated by major media focus on certain issues, and many in office change their vote to be re-elected because of it. Smart people should be in government who can use their heads in spite of current public opinion from the focus group media and lobbyist’s. The seventeenth amendment should be repealed and Senators should be elected by State Legislatures, and the President should be elected by electoral votes that are separated by congressional district and each state legislature should have two votes. No elected official should get a pension longer than their term in years, and none should get more money than their salary. Any who accept bribes should be kicked out and imprisoned immediately. Any Federal officer who breaks their oath of office would be tried for treason. On the ballot in the year the President is elected, each citizen votes for a presidential elector for their congressional district, while the state legislatures shall elect two presidential electors total, these electors will vote for the President of the United States.

4- Reform the United Nations and Get out of treaty “Organizations”
The United Nations is now the government of the world, it now dictates more than peace between nations and exchange rates of currencies. More and more it is dictating the economies and internal laws of nations. All treaties should be treaties expressly designated under the Constitution, and no treaty "organizations" should be entered into by the United States, these organizations preside over Constitutional government. The United States government should be prohibited from entering into them.

5- Establish a North American Union through the Constitution
The Constitution of the United States is the greatest form of government on earth; it should stay that way or improve. Mexico and Canada could be invited to separate into states and become a part of the United States. If we keep it, Iraq should become a state. Cuba, Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands should already be states. Any and all land controlled by the United States should become states, except the District of Columbia.

6- Disarm the CIA, FBI, BATF, and all other federal agencies not responsible for personal security of those in public office or police enforcement within the District of Columbia. Otherwise let only the military use weapons in the name of the Federal Government. State and local police forces should be well armed to enforce federal law.

7- Eliminate every Federal Department that is not expressly allowed by the Constitution. Some Departments are beneficial, but should be expressly permitted by an Amendment to the constitution. They should have elected officials running them. Make their boards elected by the STATE Legislatures every year with no term limit, while the chairman is appointed by the President as the Secretary of that department.

8- Add two other Amendments to the Constitution
a- The Federal Government cannot borrow money, except in time of war through Trust funds.
b- NO act of abuse or killing of any foreign person can be performed outside of the jurisdiction of what the Constitution expressly allows. Any President or military leader who disobeys this will be tried for assault or murder by federal law.

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