Saturday, December 8, 2007

The NEXT Ten Amendments to the Constitution

Amendment 28
The Federal Government cannot borrow money.
Congress can (and must exclusively) authorize the issue of a quantity of currency created by the purchase and/or storage of hard assets such as silver, gold, diamonds, title of real property, or purchase and storage of any non perishable commodity. The unit of money is the Silver Dollar Note and $1 is redeemable in ___oz of Silver, or any equivalent of ___oz of Silver.

Amendment 29
Repeal the 16th amendment allowing the personal income tax (Jokes over)

Amendment 30
Members of the House of Representatives are limited to 16 year total term, and are designated by districts of approximately 1 million in population as determined by census. House members can be impeached by petition within their district for any reason.
Senators are limited to a 12 year total term in office
Repeal 17th amendment, State legislatures elect Senators and can impeach them for any reason
Supreme Court Justices can be impeached by petition of _(qty)_ lower court or state Supreme Court justices for any reason
The President can be impeached by super-majority of congress for any reason
The Reason for removal from office by any officeholder must be disclosed publicly

Amendment 31
Presidential Electors shall be selected and vote according congressional district majority, each district getting 1 vote, AND each state legislature getting 2 votes total. Instant runoff voting shall be used if there are more than 2 candidates for the office.

Amendment 32
Campaign donations are unlimited to individual citizens, but must be fully disclosed by name and amount. PAC money cannot be collected or spent by the candidate. All campaign funds not spent go into the disaster relief fund.

Amendment 33
Congress cannot delegate any part of its authority without amending the Constitution
No foreign Country can be attacked, or foreign person injured or killed except by congress declaring WAR, issuing warrants, or letters of Marque and Reprisal

Amendment 34
All bills passed by congress that violate the Constitution (as decided by the President, the Supreme Court or State Convention), even if signed by the President, are null and void, and each member who voted for it (including the President) is subject to possible impeachment, and trial for treason.
All executive orders issued by the President that violate the Constitution (as decided by Congress, the Supreme Court, or State Convention) are null and void, and the President is subject to possible impeachment, and trial for treason.

Amendment 35
No permanent Bureau or Department can be created except by Amendment to the Constitution. All Departments not expressly authorized by Amendment will become abolished as of 4 years from _(specific date)___

Amendment 36
Congressional, Presidential, and Judicial pensions are equal to 70% of their salary, and are paid annually for a total in years equal to time spent in office. If convicted of any crime while in office, no pension is paid.

Amendment 37
All land owned or controlled by the United States must become Territorial, and new States be proposed by them.


Anonymous said...

You and Ron Paul the Texas Troll claim to defend the Constitution...but really you want to "Change" the Constitution. Ron Paul is a fool.
Enjoyed checking your blog out... you didn't have near the comments you'd claimed. It is great that you are venting your conspiracy theories though.
Ron Paul has had TWENTY YEARS in Washington and has not done anything but make himself rich.
I've never heard so many foolish ideas come from someone who is running for President.
Too bad you have positioned yourself on the wrong side of history. Freedom is on the march.
Bill "Hardcase" Gillen

al the trucker said...

"Changing" the Constitution is Constitutional. It is easy to defend the Constitution and change it too. The problem is how badly it has been ignored. Obviously that is what you endorse if you don't like at least my Amendment 35.

Now I have as many regular commentators as you. :)

Ever wondered how it is that our hours of service rules are never voted on? It's called "regulation without representation" and it happens with every single Department of the Federal Government.

Ron Paul has spent twenty years in Congress doing the right thing, representing his constituents, not his party or president. If we had more of him our Country would not be borrowing almost 3 billion dollars a day from China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Freedom is on the march, and the face of freedom today is Ron Paul. It's too bad you have positioned yourself with the willing slaves.

"It is no accident that inflationary policies are generally advocated by those who want more government control The increased dependence of the individual upon government which inflation produces and the demand for more government action to which this leads may for the socialist be an argument in its favor All who wish to stop the drift toward increasing control should concentrate their efforts on monetary policies." -Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Von Hayek

Brian said...

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