Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Prophet

He said: "I see" And they said: "He's crazy; crucify him!" He still said: "I see" And they said: "He's an extremeist!" and they tolerated him And he continued to say: "I see" And they said: "He's eccentric." And they rather liked him, and smiled at him. And he stubbornly said again: "I see" And they said: "There's something in what he says" And they gave him half an ear. But he said as if he never said it before: "I see" And at last they were awake, and they gathered about him and built a temple in his name. And yet, he only said: "I see" And they wanted to do something for him. "What can we do to express to you our regret?" He only smiled. He touched them with the the ends of his fingers and kissed them. What could they do for him? "Nothing more than you have done" He answered. And what was that? They wanted to know. "You see", he said, "thats reward enough; you see, you see"

-Horace Traubel

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